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As an expressive, unique chronicle of the Chairs' development and action, the homepage is to provide a rich source of information for UNESCO Chairs as well as their partners outside the scheme, stimulate other UNESCO Chairs in the field to make use of this source in their own work, including the further developing of their Chair's own homepage, promote the manifold exchange and co-operation between them with a view to popularizing and implementing the documents adopted by the UNESCO Chairs in their international meetings.

Furthermore, the substantial standard and value of the documents and material provided by the homepage could be useful for the broad range of training and other activities at the EPU. Beyond that, it should be accessible for the public, too. For this reason, this introduction is made available to faculty members, EPU students, participants in various EPU activities, visitors to the 'Peace Library', etc.

Within the UNESCO Chairs’ scheme, the EPU President and Chairholder of the EPU Chair is providing all Chairholders and selected partners with respective information and is inviting them to cooperating in this regard.

Unesco Chair Archive Content

Progress Reports

(UNITWIN) and selective information on the UNESCO Chair's activities (in chronological order)

Contributions of the EPU Chair

to the UNESCO Chairs’ Bulletin,
Issues 1(1999) - 6/7 (2004/05)

Documents/Materials of the 3 International Meetings

of UNESCO Chairs in Human Rights, Democracy, Peace and Tolerance, Stadtschlaining, 1998, 2000, 2002 (in chronological order)

Bulletin of the UNESCO Chairs

General Introduction

Issues 1/1999 – 5/2003 (in chronological order), divided in every case into

Part I = Table of Content, Introduction (Editorial and Introductory Remarks),

Part II = Contributions of the UNESCO Chairs (abridged versions or abstracts).

Latest Issue6/7 - 2004/05 published in December 2005.

Part I:39 UNESCO Chairs' contributions on activities in 2004/05.

Part II:100 Study Papers/Essays, 2001-2005, from UNESCO Chairs and their partners. The full collection is presented on CD-ROM appended. Additional copies are obtainable from the EPU (aspr(AT)aspr.ac.at). Beyond, a limited printed edition will be made available to UNESCO Chairs, authors of contributions to Bulletin 5/6, EPU faculty members and students.

Relevant UNESCO/UNITWIN Documents(selected documents, references, etc.)